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OMG Machines 2016 and beyondHi, and welcome to the OMG Group for this OMG Machines review, where we practice our SEO skills based on the premier, best-practices teachings of the OMG Machines – or, One Man Gang program that was started a few years ago by Michael Long, David Mills, and Greg Morrison (the “original One Man Gang” as Mike Long nicknamed him…)

The reason he, meaning Greg Morrison, became known as a one man gang was due to the amazing internet marketing successes he was pulling down pretty much on his own at the time. I was personally mesmerized – not only by his success stories, but by his patient and methodical teaching style. He would give away virtually every single strategy for building and ranking websites, and I still am mesmerized.

Only now, the OMG and “No Holds Barred” program has grown to include dozens of extremely successful marketers – each with his or her own particular strengths and interests. For example, Liz Herrera is teaching Amazon strategies (and, I do believe that someone pulling down a million dollars in Amazon sales would qualify as a good teacher, don’t you?). And here’s a name you might not have expected to be singing OMG’s praises considering his field of expertise is teaching the Law of Attraction: Bob Proctor! Yes, if you are one of the millions of people who fell in love with Bob Proctor, the lead narrator of the movie The Secret, then you’ll love this! Bob Proctor is a huge fan of the OMG way of teaching.

Mike Long puts it best, that OMG is about the ongoing SCIENCE of money-getting – and that the people who are teaching in their areas of expertise are “in the trenches” working, not just teaching “theory.” They talk about and teach SYSTEMS. The successful entrepreneurs are pulling down some big money in OMG Machines.

Look at Kotton Grammer, one of the primary teachers, who also made a lot of money on his own – similar to Greg, and who learned a great deal from Greg. Kotton took Greg’s original system and then turned it into a system for what is termed “client getting.” And, this is huge now, because so many companies need help with their SEO, and learning how to help these businesses is a big part of what people like Kotton are teaching. And even though Kotton is now teaching in OMG machines, he was first a student of OMG. Kotton only joined in January of 2014, and if you check out my screenshot from “inside” you’ll see proof that this guy got right to work. OMG Machines - Kotton Grammer earnings

This is a very common thread in OMG Machines / NHB, the fact that many who cut their teeth or honed their initial internet marketing skills at OMG/NHB wound up realizing extraordinary success in one way or another – whether it be SEO for their own websites or running SEO campaigns for clients – and then have stepped up to the plate to share their knowledge with the community as teachers. Pretty apparent in our OMG Machines review, we think.

Another example of this is Joshua “Fletch” Fletcher who had been running a brick & mortar business and felt like his “back was against the wall” and he jumped into OMG with both feet and just went forward with the teachings, began earning money, and has since become a motivating leader who also encourages and inspires members with his warmth and wisdom.

So, it’s no longer about just one person’s success; rather, Greg’s success spurred on the success of countless others who chose the OMG way – or “City on a Hill,” as Mike calls it.

The program comes with a fairly high price tag, about $7,000 as of this writing (yes, they have a payment plan), and is therefore not going to attract “lookie loos” or those who are not serious about online success. And, to further discourage those who are not serious about business, you cannot get your money back. The founders of this program want you to not just buy into it, but to actually get to work. It’s that simple.

When you buy into the program, you’re getting more than lessons and strategies. You’re getting a live, vibrant, and – frankly brilliant, community. It doesn’t get any better than OMG, in my opinion. There. I’ve said my piece! Thanks for hearing me out in this OMG Machines review.

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