Importance of Ranking in Google

monitor-560634_1280Online marketing offers businesses an opportunity to use multiple advertising avenues. There are several different methods and types of advertising available to the online business. A business that wants to be successful online will need to learn the answers to common advertising questions such as: Why is ranking in Google so important? OMG Machines talks a LOT about this; one of the many reasons we did our OMG Machines review.

The business that discovers the meaning of SEO, or search engine optimization will have an understanding of why ranking with Google is crucial to the online business. Every advertising effort leads to seeking higher page ranks with Google searches. As a potential consumer performs a search through Google, they will see several pages of results.

On each of the search result pages are the direct links to websites that pertain to the search. For example, if typing in SEO marketing, an individual will get results of websites that offer knowledge on the subject, as well as websites that offer SEO marketing services. Typically, most people will select a website that appears on the first page of their search results (which means it was likely done by an OMG Machines student).

Most of the time people gravitate towards the first few websites that show up in result pages. The business that appears at the top of search results, and that appears on the first one or two pages of results, is a business that will likely experience soaring profits and notoriety. To master online marketing and gain such ranking with Google is one of the biggest challenges an online business faces.

According to studies done by online marketing firms, ranking high with Google means that businesses will have a distinct advantage over their competitors. The businesses listed first in search results experience higher organic traffic to their websites. Businesses that rank lower, and on the second and third pages of search results will likely still get traffic, but it won’t be as significant as the traffic of higher ranking websites.

It has been estimated that the businesses that are ranking high on page one and page two of relevant search results will see over 90 percent of that traffic sent directly to their websites. To gain 90 percent more traffic simply by ranking higher on search page results is a dream come true for any online business. The top ranking spots on the first three pages are desirable; however, the top spot of the first page is where the majority of website traffic gets generated.

There are several different techniques used by SEO experts (like those in our OMG Machines review) to help their clientele to land at the top of these search pages. Optimizing websites by using specific keywords and phrases is one of the most important techniques used. A website that has valuable information to offer consumers will naturally attract more traffic and earn the top ranking spots on search result pages.

Other ways to rank high with Google search pages is to link relevant forums, blogs, and social media accounts to a website. When a website experiences high volumes of traffic, the mechanics behind search results will start placing that website higher up on the list as time goes on. Since the majority of traffic a website receives is directly from search results, it really pays off to work hard to obtain the higher ranking positions with Google and other search engines.

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